Yes, we are still around, despite our blog and social channels virtually being idle... why is it so quiet?
An empty green plate on a wooden table

We get it that you might be wondering if we’re still around — given it has been almost 3 full years since we’ve posted anything on our blog.

But yes, we’re still here. We’ve done a bit of travel in the meantime, but we’re now settled back on the Bellarine Peninsula.

This business doesn’t run full-time (deliberately). We serve our existing customers when they need us. But nowadays we’re happy to stay small and keep it less stressful.

Now I can’t say we’ve had a lot of need to be active on our blog (or our almost inactive social media channels). So our social media (and blog) content plate is empty.

We do help some clients manage their social media (in our mix of work under the Wisebiz banner). But for us, for our purpose … we just don’t have the need to do that.

So if things look pretty quiet: now you know why!