Printed mail vs email -- is there a big difference? Is one more responsive than the other? Can I just rely on email?
Printed mail vs email

There’s a business battle going on with sending messages to customers and prospects: mail vs email. Does one outperform the other? Can you leave one of them out of your marketing?

Even in 2019, people still LOVE getting letters in the mail. When it’s done right, printed mail is very influential.

Email can cost as little as your time (and collecting email addresses). Platforms like Mailchimp even have free membership levels.

But is there a trade-off for such a cheap marketing strategy?

There most certainly is.

While email might seem great upfront because it lacks much cost to use, that’s not the whole story.

Because email lacks that cost, it has become a very popular method of business communication. Emails pour into inboxes each day in their dozens (or worse).

Conversely, because printed mail isn’t free to send, its use has diminished. That upfront cost has become a barrier.

But there’s a lot more to it.

Think about RESPONSE, not cost.

Would you use printed mail if you knew it was almost 800% more effective than email?

Would the cost be worth it?

The answer should be pretty obvious, especially knowing the VALUE of your customers.

What Can I Send In The Mail?

Printed mail conveys a strong personal connection. You can personalise each piece so it is unique. That helps your message connect with your recipient.

The message can encompass a whole range of purposes. For example, it can be a thank you message. Or a sales offer. Or a way to get referrals for your business. An invitation. A quote or proposal. There are lots of options.

Think of the printed mail you receive. There’s not a lot of it these days. The right design also ensures it doesn’t look like a bill to pay! The right message can make you feel good. It can make you respond and take action.

Other studies show that people hang on to mail for quite some time.

With so much less competition in the letterbox, your message gets attention. Your recipient isn’t distracted by other emails. They’re not scrolling social media. They focus on your mail.

How Responsive Is Printed Mail vs Email?

In fact, recent research shows printed mail to be 790% more responsive than email.

Email has an average click-through rate of 1.9% (DMA 2018 study, more info here). A letter-sized envelope gets a median response rate of 15.1% (also DMA 2018 study). That’s 7.9 times (790%) more responsive! What a huge increase in customer response!

Cost vs Response

The inbox and newsfeed are overflowing. Emails can also end up in a junk folder. Yes, they cost less to send. But when you compare the response, the extra cost makes sense.

Because it does take a bit more time and cost, real “snail mail” has less and less competition. Some businesses therefore get a bit lazy and rely on email. But that’s great news for you. Savvy marketers can make a huge impact through the mail.

That’s not to say printed mail replaces email. They can work together very well.

Mail remains a very powerful and relevant tool for business marketing in 2019. Let us help you use printed mail to get an effective response.