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Neptune Printing’s Privacy Policy

Our policy is relatively short because, quite frankly, we care about your privacy and like to keep it very simple!

This policy hasn’t been written by a lawyer. It’s just our plain-speaking approach to explain what we do. It’s the way we’d like to be treated ourselves! I’ve tried to keep it as simple as I can while covering everything I can think of — Dean.

  1. Our website uses Google Analytics, a service which transmits website traffic data to Google servers in the United States. Google Analytics does not identify individual users or associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. We may use reports provided by Google Analytics to help us understand website traffic and webpage usage (we rarely do). However, personal identifiers such as your IP address are truncated by Google and not provided in any report. We don’t use any remarketing tracking cookies or user IDs within Google Analytics.
  2. Our server can collect usage logs, but we have these turned off.
  3. We don’t presently use any paid social media advertising for this website. If we do in future (which would likely be on Facebook), we may include your email address (if we have it) to either specifically exclude you from seeing any ads (for example, ads to reach prospective customers, which we don’t want to display to you if you are already a customer), or to specifically include you (for example, to only show our ads to customers to remind you to come back and use our service again). Facebook has its own privacy policy and terms of use, and also offers users the ability to hide all ads from any business or company, so you are welcome to do so if you don’t wish to see any ads that we publish. This data is still controlled by us (to the maximum extent it can be). You can also specifically request us not to include your email address in any such marketing activity. This would not necessarily stop you seeing any advertising that we run on social media, if you fall within the parameters of users based on other data (eg if we choose to reach a particular demographic of Facebook users that you are included in, whether or not we use email addresses in the ad’s custom audience) without using your email address (that’s up to Facebook, and again, you can hide all ads from any business or company so you are welcome to do that if you wish). Sorry, I know that sounds a bit long-winded, but there’s a fair bit to explain!
  4. Our site platform (WordPress) uses a security plugin to help protect logins and attempted malicious behaviour (for example, providing brute force protection and rate limiting for certain unusual web activity). This does not specifically store your data, but if you attempt to do dodgy things, you may be locked out of our website for a pre-determined period (for security purposes, we don’t disclose the details of such settings). In this case, your IP address would be stored and reported to us for suspicious activity. Unless we have reasonable grounds to take action, these reports are deleted on a weekly basis.
  5. We ONLY collect your data when YOU choose to supply it to us by way of our contact form. It is kept in our computer system and used to reply or quote on a service if appropriate, and for billing purposes. If you request us to delete this data, we will do so promptly.
  6. Our contact forms use Google’s reCAPTCHA service to help protect against spam/abuse. Provision of this feature is subject to Google’s privacy policy and terms of service.
  7. We aim to exclusively deal with trade partners who are committed to sound privacy practices and where applicable the Australian Privacy Principles.
  8. We only SHARE your data with our trade partners when specifically placing an order that will be delivered to you. If your order is being delivered to us, none of your data is shared with our trade partner. They assure us that we are their customer, not you, and they will not ever contact you directly.
  9. When we place an order for you with our trade partners that will be sent directly to you, or if we subsequently use a delivery service provider (such as a courier or Australia Post) to deliver goods to you from us, the delivery service provider is provided with your name, company name, contact number and delivery address in order to deliver your order to you. Each company (both the trade print partner if applicable and any external delivery service provider — for example a commercial courier — they engage) has its own privacy policy and terms of use of their service.
  10. If you provide us with a testimonial, you can select what, if any, identifying details are included (your name, your job title, your business or company name, or abbreviations). Where we have past testimonials for our business or business owner (Dean Kennedy), we may use these in the same way we have in the past. You can contact us at any time if you would like to stop a testimonial being used for future marketing.
  11. Your email is NEVER added to any email contact list without your express opt-in. For example, if you use the contact form to contact us, you don’t get added to an email mailing list. Even if you become a customer, you will not receive marketing emails unless you specifically opt-in (that’s not likely as we don’t currently do any marketing this way). You may receive emails about your order/transaction, but that’s it. Item 3 may apply, only if you are on a social media platform we choose in future to advertise on AND the email address you use on that platform matches the email in our customer contact record. There is an opt-out option explained in item 3 above.
  12. If you do decide to receive marketing emails (not that we currently undertake this type of marketing or own such a list), each email will include an unsubscribe link and you will be able to opt-out at any time.
  13. If we invoice your job via credit card, we don’t store or keep your credit card data. If you pay via online services, it will be via a merchant gateway and no data is stored or collected by us (and such gateways include stringent and very strong privacy and data protection). If you pay via EFT via your bank, again, no data is stored by us. And if you pay by phone, we use your data to complete your transaction via our “virtual terminal” and then safely discard your details — again, we don’t store your credit card data unless you specifically ask us to do so.
  14. Our own logins such as for our web server, site platform (WordPress), merchant facility and business email service are all protected by very “strong” password generation policies, using difficult to guess passwords and usernames.
  15. We can update this page at any time. However we don’t plan to unless absolutely necessary (most likely just for clarity). If anything changes that we think negatively affects our customers, we’ll be in touch. The most recent update (for clarity, and to mention that we don’t undertake email marketing) was in December 2023.

If you have any questions about our policy, or any data we may have from previous communication or services/work provided to you, please get in touch.