Six Easy Ways To Contact Neptune Printing

You can contact Neptune Printing via email, online form, phone, postal mail, our Facebook page or Messenger chat.

But first, the legal bit

Officially, Neptune Printing is structured as: Dean Kennedy trading as Neptune Printing, ABN 12 688 117 057.

Our Contact Policy

Please note that our phone number is generally not answered live.

Neptune Printing is a part-time business, so we are not always available, even during business hours (and especially not outside business hours). And often, we choose to work without disruption in order to get things done and provide our clients with a huge array of printing services!

So the phone is deliberately diverted to voicemail. You are encouraged to leave a voicemail message (or better still, email us). If you call, and don’t leave a message, we won’t phone you back. The only return calls we make are for a prearranged call that we accidentally missed.

Hopefully you’ll appreciate this means that we can focus on creative work at times, not answering the phone. We’ll get to you as promptly as possible, but it’s not always an instant or super-quick reply.

Ways To Contact Neptune Printing


The best way to send a message is via EMAIL. If you don’t already have a contact email address, please use the form below to send through your message to our inbox. If appropriate, we’ll be in touch (but it may be a few days).

If you’re looking for an urgent response or are on a deadline, please let us know. We can then let you know ASAP if we can help you.

Contact Neptune Printing 24x7 via our online form or email
We’re open 24/7 via email or online message


Neptune Printing is based in St Leonards on the Bellarine Peninsula, although we are currently exploring “way out West” and are away from the Bellarine for the coming months. Sorry, there are no appointments without prior arrangement (and for the foreseeable future they will be conducted via phone or online).

Address all mail to: PO Box 1053, St Leonards Vic 3223, Australia


Telephone (please leave a voicemail message, only during business hours, as our phone is usually not answered live and we may be out of range while on our extended trip away):

  • 0400 253 332 within Australia or
  • +61 400 253 332 internationally.


You can visit our Facebook page and leave us a message or jump straight to sending a message in Messenger with this link.

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Or use this handy online form to send us a message online:

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