If the number one MARKETING sin is "being boring" ... what's the worst thing you can get wrong when you print business cards? Do you make this simple but powerful mistake with your business cards?
Avoiding the number one printing sin

If the #1 marketing sin is being “boring” then surely the #1 sin for BUSINESS CARD printing is … leaving side 2 blank!

That’s HALF the available room, wasted!

Imagine a newspaper with every second page blank — or a book — it just doesn’t happen. But it’s not just about saving paper. No, there’s a much more influential reason to use both sides of your business card.

Now for some printed business stationery, like order forms, you definitely do NOT want to print on side two. This is because it has been proven to decrease your response and orders.

But for business stationery like personalised business cards, there’s really no reason or excuse to just print on one side

So What Goes On Side Two Of My Business Card?

This DOESN’T mean just slapping your logo onto the back of your business card.

It’s EASY to add influential content to the reverse side of a business card that can help convince a potential prospect to do business with you. We have more than a DOZEN ideas we can share with you.

From the basics such as your services, or a location map and trading hours, to adding testimonials, asking for referrals, showcasing your expertise with industry awards — these are just a few ideas that make your business card more influential.

You could even include a “lead generation” offer to get prospective customers to request more information or be posted or download a special report (more on these super-powerful marketing tools at another time).

Isn’t My Business Card Just For My Contact Info?

Just imagine for a moment… you’re standing in front of one of your ideal prospects.

Would you them your name, your company name, and your email address … and then stopped talking? While you had their attention? This would lose your opportunity to be MUCH more influential about getting the prospect to become your customer.

Leaving the back of your business card blank is like doing the same thing.

That’s what you can use the BACK of your business cards for.

It might be the ONLY marketing item that a prospect sees about you and your business. So don’t waste such an important opportunity.

Even More Options For Your Business Card

You can do even more and use FOLDED business cards, with four panels, to really stand out and get a strong message across

Best of all, it costs little extra (if anything extra at all) to print on the back of the business card.

Make your business card compelling so that a prospect is influenced to take action! Business cards are just part of what we can print for you here at Neptune Printing.